Shishitos and Radishes

MENU (11/6 - 11/9)

Boozy Chicken Stew with a Puffy Hat 12

Banh Mi with Tofu (Viet Nam) 9 can be v

Fig Plate (Persia) 7 v

Roasted Beet Salad (Russia) 7 v

Stuffed Grape Leaves w/beef (Vietnam) 8

Coconut Winter Squash Soup ( Asian-is) 7 v

Summer Rolls with Shrimp (Viet Nam) 8

Grilled Shishitos, Queso Blanca, and Radishes with Aoli (Japan via Mexico) 8 v

Our kitchen uses all nuts and shrimp.

Fair warning. We are just getting started and some items might be sold out and unavailable. Over time we’ll refine availability and menu postings.


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